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Ci Sposiamo!

Our love story began on a warm summer evening in Santa Maria Novella while out with friends. Our two groups came together speaking two different languages, but in spite of our cultural differences, we laughed and danced and walked around the city all night. We had so much fun we met up the next day to have a cook-out, grilling and making traditional Tuscan dishes together paired with Chianti from a local vineyard. This would unfold into one of our many shared passions: gathering our diverse groups of friends around a table with fresh food and good wine, and most importantly, a good laugh. We quickly found how the two of us fit so seamlessly together, in our most fundamental ways of thinking and being in the world.


In the years following that first fun-filled weekend, we have grown together in our love and in our union. We have so many shared experiences that have made our relationship special - supporting each other through career changes, moving across the country, working together on home renovations, and adopting our adorable pup West - to name a few. We continue to have so much fun, traveling the world, creating new experiences, and having many shared goals for our future together.


We feel incredibly lucky to celebrate our love with you on this special day!

Our story


Saturday July 1st, 2023

Ceremony: 16:00

Reception: 17:00



Castello di Collegno

Via Alpignano, 2, 10093

Collegno, Torino, Italy

Guests looking for accommodation can book at one of the following hotels, citing 'Matrimonio Sweeney-Anglesio':

Roma e Rocca Cavour: Will offer rooms until they are at capacity. Quaint and family owned with garden views, in Piazza Carlo Felice.

NH Hotel Centro Torino: Situated between Station Porta Nuova and Porta Susa.Closer to the arts district and museums, 5 minute tram ride to bus pick-up location. Fifteen rooms available until May 30th, to reserve write to

If you choose lodging elsewhere, such as Airbnb or otherwise, kindly inform us. Please plan to book within walking distance of Porta Nuova train station, where we plan to have buses bring guests to and from the ceremony and reception in Collegno.  

Take a look at our personalized map of places special to our love story. It has all the locations which will be important for the weekend together: Friday Welcome Aperitivo, Sunday brunch and other optional meet-ups. It also has some other recommendations for while you're visiting us in Turin.


We recommend arriving on or before Friday, June 30th and staying until Sunday July 2nd, or Monday July 3rd. The couple will be leaving for their honeymoon in Crete July 5th.

Cocktail or semiformal attire


Getting there:

Getting there:

We are providing transport to and from the hotel to Castello for those who don't wish to drive or take taxis. The pick-up point will be in Piazza Carlo Felice 85, in front of Decathlon. 


The buses will be waiting at 14:30. When the first bus fills up, it will leave for the Castello. They last bus will leave at 15:15 to arrive in time to Castello di Collegno at 16:00

The ceremony will begin promptly at 16:30.

Buses will return shortly after the cake cutting ceremony, about midnight depending on the amount of people wishing to leave early, and another at the end of the reception, at 2:00

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L E T ' S  P A R T Y
L E T ' S  P A R T Y
Kindly Respond By May 1st, 2023 Si prega di rispondere entro il 1 maggio 2023
We hope to see you!

Gifts are appreciated, but not necessary.

We understand the cost of travel and are honored by your presence on our special day.

However, a gift that will go toward building our future together is much appreciated. We are accepting donations towards our honeymoon and home renovations if guests feel inclined, we've created a Hitchd fund below. If you are uncomfortable sending currency but still would like to get us a small gift, you can find some pre-selected items on Amazon Italia.


We greatly appreciate your generosity, and can’t wait to see you soon.

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