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Friday, June 30th

Saturday, July 1st

Sunday, July 2nd

Monday, July 3rd

Meet us at Noor Vanchiglia for a Welcome Aperitivo

from 5pm to 8pm

You will find invites at your hotels along with some tickets to bring with

The big day!

Transport to and from Castello di Collegno will be arranged with a pickup location at Porta Nuova train station. We will send you a pin of the exact location of the bus.


Please be punctual and arrive at the bus stop at 15:15. 

Ceremony will begin promptly at 16:00

Castello will close at 1:00am

Meet us at Gaudenti for a late-morning brunch

from 10:30 to 13:30 

You can check out menu choices here

If you are looking to send any wine back home, there is a great shop next door

For friends who have decided to stay extra time, we have organized a casual lunch at our favorite place ever - Rifugio Salvin in the Italian Alps

It might be difficult to arrive to on your own, so we are trying to organize transportation for most. If you are interested in joining, we are so happy to have you. Please contact the bride and groom as soon as possible

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